The 3 Best Metaverse Stocks to Buy in April 2024

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The Metaverse is one of the most exciting concepts today, promising unlimited possibilities in a fully accessible virtual environment. While it will likely take many years before it becomes a reality, investors can begin to seek out the best Metaverse stocks to buy in April to profit the most from what could become a worldwide phenomenon. 

The stocks listed represent companies with technology and software that put them in a fantastic position to profit immensely from the emergence of the Metaverse. In the long term, as the Metaverse inches closer, these stocks will grow along with the Metaverse. 

Let’s learn more about the specific offerings these companies will bring to the table, making them the best Metaverse stocks to buy in April. 

Cloudflare (NET)

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What makes the Metaverse so appealing to the world is the potential to create and share ideas and content that could never exist in reality. To make this possible, the Metaverse will need software like Cloudflare (NYSE:NET) and its top-rated Content Delivery Network (CDN). Sharing peak speed and performance is essential to making the Metaverse what it needs to be. 

In addition to content delivery, Cloudflare offers two other indispensable pieces to the Metaverse puzzle: security and storage. Cloudlfare’s zero-trust security solution provides traffic control and data protection to a vast network worldwide. 

The sheer size of the Metaverse and all its data will require a massive storage system. Cloudflare is also positioned to become a secure storage option with its enormous R2 storage solutions compatible with its CDN.

Microsoft (MSFT)

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Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is a leading cloud computing software provider, and its product is Microsoft Azure. Azure provides users everywhere with access to applications of all kinds in a 100% virtual network. 

The Metaverse relies on the ability to present creative capabilities to users that are not possible anywhere else. The best way to do so is to utilize generative AI to expand the limits of content creation immensely. 

Microsoft is setting itself up to be the backbone of providing this service on such a scale through a multi-year, multi-billion dollar partnership with OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT. OpenAI is at the forefront of generative AI, and this partnership ensures it uses Azure exclusively for its cloud computing needs.

To further its position as a key piece of the Metaverse, Microsoft has solidified itself in another relevant field: gaming. Gaming, specifically VR games, will undoubtedly contribute to Metaverse demand. To set itself at the forefront of gaming, Microsoft recently completed its acquisition of Activision Blizzard, a world-renowned gaming company.

Meta (META)

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Meta (NASDAQ:META) is leading the Metaverse and investing heavily in its development. Reality Labs is part of Meta and is responsible for developing VR technology and software. 

Reality Labs offers VR hardware, such as the Oculus VR headset and Ray-Ban smart glasses. Though sales have not been ideal for these products, they continue to perform better than similar products on the market. 

Meta continues to lead the charge, investing billions more than competitors in VR software. Though Meta has suffered losses over the previous year, its investment in the future and the Metaverse is unmatched.  

When the Metaverse takes off, you can bet that Meta will be the first to benefit, and investors with faith in VR’s potential should start with this stock.

On the date of publication, Joel Lim did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, subject to the Publishing Guidelines.

Joel Lim is a finance freelance writer who writes content for several companies like LTSE and Realtor, along with financial publications, including Mises Institute and Foundation for Economic Education.

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